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Hva sier annonsørene? Ferske tall fra Den Store Annonsørrapporten

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Slik bruker du data for å lykkes med innholdsdistribusjon”

  • Bruk søkedata for å finne ut hva slags innhold du trenger
  • Finn ut hva slags innhold som fungerer i din bransje
  • Legg opp en helhetlig distribusjonsplan på tvers av kanaler
  • Mål effekten - Innholdet er produsert og distribuert, hva nå?

09:30 - 10:00

Verdien av distribusjonskanaler og budskap som fyller Coop sine contentunivers, med bakgrunn i utvalgte styringsparametere og evalueringen av disse

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Listen & Learn

Et innlegg som handler om bruk av teknologi i bedrifters PR- og kommunikasjonsarbeid for bedre distribusjon.

10:40 - 11:25

Heimplanet - how to distribute content trough Ambassadors?

HEIMPLANET is inspired by the excitement of traveling:

Traveling keeps you feeling alive. All your senses are alert and you are always expecting something new to happen. You constantly adjust to new situations, new people, new cultures, and new environments. There is less to rely on and more to discover. If you open up to the experience, you will learn not just about new things, but also about yourself. –  Embrace the difference, join the moment and make yourself at home, wherever you go.

The journey of HEIMPLANET began in 2003 with the idea for a new tent concept that occurred during a surf trip in Portugal. In 2011 the first inflatable tent THE CAVE was launched. Since then, HEIMPLANET has presented a whole range of innovative tent designs alongside their Monolith luggage series, which focuses on a simple formula – a bag for every trip and everyday.

Two years ago (2008), Stefan and his colleuage decided to start their own business. Two days later they agreed to do some research on tents. They had just remembered an idea they talked about in 2003 during a surf trip in Portugal, while camping on the beach. They were exited about the idea but they wanted to keep their involvement low – wanted to treat their idea as some kind of a side project – it was not the last time, something turned out to work a lot differently.

After days of researching, drawing, brainstorming, and discussing, they identified different ideas and concepts they wanted to put it to a reality check. Some turned out to be way too expensive, some just impossible to realize and others not reasonable enough to make a real difference to already existing products. After a very frustrating day of research there was just no idea left, none of them seamed to work. The project seemed to have reached its end before it actually started. One month of work for nothing? I called Stefan that day and presented the frustrating results, but he reacted very calm:

“Just relax, have a beer or two, we will find something that works.”

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Praktisk innholdsmarkedsføring: Distribusjon

 Bokaktuelle Pål Nisja-Wilhelmsen tar oss igjennom kapitelet i sin nye bok som omhandler "Distribusjon". 

12:25 - 12:55

Distribusjon av innhold - ingen gratisreise

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«Fra Park til Destinasjon med eventyrlig historiefortelling»