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We are pleased to announce that we at ANFO are hosting our friend Jackie Fast from
Slingshot Sponsorship in London to run one of her famous Sponsorship Sessions here in Oslo on Friday 26th August.

Attending a Sponsorship Session event is the most direct and efficient way to address your
individual sponsorship needs, providing you with all the necessary tools to approach
sponsorship from a forward-thinking and creative standpoint.

Les mer om Slingshot Sponsorship her:


ANFO Sponsorship Bootcamp Agenda  

The New Paradigm 

- Extension on how the sponsorship industry has changed and why you are playing by old rules 

- New case studies in a new world – how brands are activating 


- Trends and concepts 

- How to engage your consumers in a meaningful and authentic way 

Brand Ambassadors 

- How the celebrity culture has changed and how you can utilise this 

Content & Social 

- Why the future is social 

- The power of social and how that shifts purchase behavior 

- The potential of social activation for your brand 

The Future 

- Brand trends 

- Finding your consumer 

- Uncovering your ROI and value